Was The NBA Bubble A Success?

So far, the NBA’s rather far-out approach to handling the Covid-19 pandemic has been a huge success — particularly when you consider the scepticism aimed at the world-famous basketball organization’s Orlando bubble even during its planning stages. 

Inside The NBA’s Bio-Secure Bubble

In essence, after one of its players tested positive for coronavirus, the NBA season went into hibernation. Since then, multiple players and NBA officials have also tested positive for Covid-19.

And while other professional and collegiate leagues have struggled to keep the coronavirus from negatively impacting their plans going forward, the NBA has successfully done it — by creating the most isolated and restrictive environment for its players and staff, and this bubble approach has worked magnificently thus far.

To date, no player has contracted the infectious Covid-19 virus while residing in the NBA’s isolated campus on the Walt Disney World Resort grounds. Add to that, the finals of the current season (spoilers: LA Lakers won with a record-tying championship win) that has recently wrapped up, and there’s certainly credence to keeping the NBA bubble for as long as Covid-19 is around.  

However, while the bubble in Orlando has had a positive impact on the players (reducing the toll of travel) and the season, it’s looking more and more like it isn’t a sustainable endeavour. Indeed, with a price tag of roughly $170 million, it’s definitely not a permanent solution. 

Even then, the NBA recognises that the coronavirus will not last forever and at some point, everything will return to normality with fans hopefully back in seats. Thus, it is their priority now to get fans back into arenas and if that means pushing back the next season more (likely with a 2021 start date), the league is willing to wait.

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