Manoj Fernando of Sri Lanka baseball/softball received the famous Japanese decoration

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On April 29, 2021, the Japanese government announced the winners of the “Rising Sun Medal” awarded by His Majesty the Emperor of Japan to foreign citizens who have made outstanding contributions to improving friendly relations with Japan.
Sri Lanka

Baseball/Softball Association (SLBSA) Executive Vice President Manoj Fernando has made valuable contributions to strengthening relations between Japan and Sri Lanka through the promotion of baseball in Sri Lanka. The event has received support from foreign countries. Cooperative volunteers from Japan. (JOCV).

Mr. Fernando, also a well-known baseball player, has devoted himself to developing the skills and techniques of coaches and players with various abilities of SLBSA in the past three and a half years, and at the same time, he has worked hard to make baseball a sport. Lanka. Fernando’s unremitting efforts made the national team stand out on the international stage, winning two consecutive victories in the West Asia Baseball Cup,

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